Kitagomon 北御門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates
A group of gates that face north found outside the sacred areas of Ise Jinguu 伊勢神宮. With the exception of the outermost fence, itagaki 板垣, that has *torii 鳥居 instead of gates and excluding the gates on the south side, all other gates are of the Kitagomon type. Simple gates with two posts that are connected by a ridge *munagi 棟木, and overlapping, broad, wooden planks that run horizontally to form the roof. To secure these planks, two pentagonal wooden members *sarugashira 猿頭, are placed over the planks at right angle to the ridge and eave ends *nokisaki 軒先. The style of these gates dates back to the Nara period. The use of go 御 is an honorific used with gates at Ise Jinguu.

*Minamigomon 南御門, *mizugaki 瑞垣

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