kinpeki sansui 金碧山水
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Ch: jinbi shansui. Lit. gold and blue landscape. A blue and green landscape *seiryoku sansui 青緑山水 painting in which gold paint, kindei 金泥 was applied to outlines or as texture strokes *shunpou 皴法 in the depictions of rocks and trees. The forms were first drawn with ink and then gold outlines were applied along the ink lines to produce the decorative effect. Tang dynasty painters Li Sixun (Jp: Ri Shikun 李思訓, 653-718) and his son Li Zhaodao (Jp: Ri Shoudou 李昭道, act. early 8c) are said to have originated the technique. Zhao Boju (Jp: Chou Hakku 趙伯駒, ca. 1120-62) and his brother revived the style during the Song dynasty, and it was emulated by following generations when artists wanted to produce paintings in an antique style. Kinpeki landscape is generally considered a decorative courtly style of painting in China. It is thought to have influenced the origin and development of *yamato-e やまと絵 in 9-10c.


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