kininguchi 貴人口
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Also kinin agariguchi 貴人上り口. Lit. nobleman's entrance. An entrance made especially for noblemen or other dignitaries so that they can enter a tea ceremony room without bending. If the tea ceremony room is large *hiroma 広間 a kininguchi is provided, but it is not always used for rustic style tea ceremony rooms. The entrance is 1.5m-1.9m wide and 1.4m-1.7m high, with two paper-covered sliding doors *shouji 障子, that have wooden panels on the lower part. Example: Ninnaji Hitoutei 仁和寺飛濤亭, Kyoto; Kenrokuen Yuugaotei 兼六園夕顔亭, Ishikawa prefecture.

Meimei'an 明々庵 (Shimane)


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