Kikyorai 帰去来
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Ch: Guiqulai. Homecoming Ode by the Jin dynasty poet Tao Yuanming (Jp: *Tou Enmei 陶淵明; 365-427) which became a painting subject. The poem, sometimes given the title in translation Home Again, was composed in 405 when Tao Yuanming resigned his official post in Pengze (Jp: Houtaku 彭澤) and returned to his native rural village of Xunyang (Jp: Jinyou 潯陽). The ode praises the merits of simple life in the countryside, away from the temptations of the material world and was considered by later generations to be a summation of the ideals of the recluse. Tao Yuanming came to be regarded as the quintessential poet-recluse. The ode was extremely popular in China and was represented countless times. In Japan, the poem was a popular theme both for painters and calligraphers.


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