kentoku 賢徳
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Also written 見徳. A comic mask used in kyougen 狂言 plays. Kentoku has a timid, clownish expression, with upward-looking round eyes, sometimes cross-eyed, and a large jaw with buck teeth. The creases that border the nostrils form a broad oval. Kentoku is used for a great variety of kyougen roles, especially animals. He represents the spirit of the horse in Shidou Hougaku the Hourse SHIDOU HOUGAKU 止動方角, the dog in The Dog and the Warrior Priest INU YAMABUSHI 犬山伏, the crab in The Warrior Priest and the Crab KANI YAMABUSHI 蟹山伏, and the cow in YOKOZA 横座.

*kyougenmen 狂言面, *noumen 能面

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