kechien koumyou  結縁交名
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
A list that was inserted at the end of a sutra or on a piece of paper placed inside a statue, or sometimes written on the body of the statue itself, to show who had taken part in its composition or constitution. Kechien 結縁 refers to participation in Buddhist practices such as copying sutras, attending services for the dead, receiving classes in Buddhist teachings, and most frequently, contributing money towards the making of a temple, Buddhist statue, painting, or artifact. A person joining in such activities is known as a kechiensha 結縁者. From the Kamakura period onwards it was believed that there was virtue in even the smallest contribution, and often a group of kechiensha would combine their contributions to make a small Buddhist statue. Koumyou 交名 is the term used for the list of participant's names, or for adding one's name to a list kechiensha.


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