katsuragaki 桂垣
KEY WORD : architecture / gardens
The bamboo fence that surrounds the Katsura Rikyuu 桂離宮 in Kyoto. The fence it is widely imitated today. At given intervals posts are set directly into the ground. In between, vertical furring strips made of bamboo stakes that have sliced vertically in half, are set closely together. They are placed on stones with smaller stones placed in between. Round bamboo members are inserted into the top and bottom of main posts forming a frame to which the half bamboo stakes are tied. Then horizontal bamboo branches are tied to stakes. The height varies according to need. At Katsura Rikyuu, the height is 210cm and the stakes are set into the ground, as are the posts.
This type of fence may be made with bush clover, spicebush, a delicate variety of bamboo or with rushes.

*sasagaki 笹垣 

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