KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A gate bar. A heavy piece of timber or iron used to affix a plank door to its structure. The kannuki is slipped through cleats, kannukikasugai 閂鎹 or kannukimochi kanamono 閂持鉄物, which are attached to vertical stiles, kannukitatezan 閂竪桟, and/or to one vertical stile and an additional vertical member called kannukizuri tatezan 閂摺竪桟, which are attached in turn to the upper and lower crosspieces. When a light door or gate is used, the kannuki cleats that are slipped through and secured to a vertical stile and to a horizontal member are called kannukimochizan 閂持桟.

Nikkou Toushouguu Shinkyuu 日光東照宮神厩 (Tochigi)

a) kannukikasugai 閂鎹 b) kannukizuri tatezan 閂摺桟 c) kannuki 閂 d) kannukimochizan 閂持桟


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