kagamitenjou 鏡天井
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also kagami itatenjou 鏡板天井. Lit. mirror ceiling. A flat ceiling made of smoothly planed boards shiraki 白木, constructed over most main halls *moya 母屋 built in the Zen style *zenshuuyou 禅宗様. Frequently, in the Kamakura and Muromachi periods, a black and white dragon amid billowing clouds unryuu 雲龍, was painted on the smooth boards. During the Momoyama and Edo periods, color was added to such paintings and the earlier simplicity was lost. In the upper story of the enlightenment gates *sanmon 三門, in Zen temples as well as in main halls, heavenly beings ten'nin 天人, and composite figures with human faces and bodies of birds *karyoubinga 迦陵頻伽, noted for their beautiful voices, musical instruments, and floral patterns, were magnificently rendered on kagamitenjou.
Shoufukuji Jizoudou 正福寺地蔵堂(Tokyo)
Shoufukuji Jizoudou 正福寺地蔵堂 (Tokyo)


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