juusoumon 重層門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates
Lit. a gate of more than one story. Jusomon is a gate with a large roof over the entire structure. A balcony supported by bracket complexes *tokyoou 斗きょう, surrounds the gate. Many gates have railings around the balconies. Some juusoumon have window frames filled with vertical lattice front and back on either side of a door-like construction. Good examples are: Toudaiji Nandaimon 東大寺南大門 (1199) in Nara, a gate with balcony; 5 x 2 bays, three entrances. Kyuuanji 久安寺 in Osaka, a high gate with balcony; 3 x 1 bays; one entrance.

*roumon 楼門

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