itabuki yane 板葺屋根
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A roof structure covered with boards or planks. Various names are used depending on the size of the boards. A large plan roof is called oo-itabuki 大板葺, while a small board roof is called ko-itabuki 小板葺. A shingled roof is sometimes called *kokerabuki 柿葺 or koba itabuki 木羽板葺, and sometimes referred to as simply *itabuki 板葺. Other roof boards, called tochi-ita 栩板, are made with a kind of oak. They are less than 1-3cm thick, 9-5cm wide and 63cm long. This material is used for the roofs of noh stages *noubutai 能舞台, shrines and temples shaji 社寺. Tokusabuki 木賊葺 (horsetail roofing) is usually used for shrines and temples. Tokusabuki is thicker than shingles made of persimmon wood, and thinner than tochi-ita.

*hiwadabuki 桧皮葺

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