ichimai-e 一枚絵
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Also ichimaizuri 一枚摺. Lit. single-sheet print. A single *ukiyo-e 浮世絵 print as opposed to a book of prints. The term ichimai-e can be also applied to any print completed on one sheet, as opposed to series of prints *soroimono 揃物, or sets of prints that have a continuous composition *tsuzuki-e 続絵.
In the books published in the latter half of the 17c in Edo, the proportions of the illustrations became bigger and bigger, and finally, the prints became independent of texts, to be appreciated by themselves. At first, illustrations without texts consisted of a set, typically twelve prints, but around 1700, single-sheet woodblock prints began to be sold alone. These became the dominant form during 18c and 19c in Edo.


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