han-nageshi 半長押
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Lit. half non-penetrating horizontal beam. A non-penetrating beam which is 3/5 the diameter of a building 's main pillar instead of the usual 4/5. It is described as hikui 低い (low) when mentioned in Japanese explanations. It is attached to a jinageshi 地長押, a base non-penetrating tie beam. It may be used on top of a *kirime nageshi 切目長押, a non-penetrating timber used beneath the track *kamoi 鴨居 for sliding doors. It may also be used as a kirime nageshi or uchinori nageshi 内法長押, the beam used above window or door jambs.

a) han-nageshi 半長押 b) *kirime nageshi 切目長押 Daihouji Sanjuu-no-tou 大法寺三重塔 (Nagano)

*nageshi 長押, *heijiku 幣軸

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