hachijisshugou 八十種好
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Also read hachijuu shukou, hachijuu zuigyougou 八十随形好 hachijuu zuigousou 八十随好相. The 80 auspicious bodily characteristics of Buddha. Applied to images of Buddha *nyorai 如来 and bodhisattva *bosatsu 菩薩. These physical characteristics represent the mysterious, superhuman nature of the Buddha. They are listed in several Buddhist texts, for example in the DAICHIDORON 大智度論, but their content varies considerably from one text to another. The hachijisshugou are thought to have been developed later than the *sanjuunisou 三十二相 (the 32 characteristics of the Buddha), and are more detailed than the latter, although they are sometimes duplicated. The 80 auspicious characteristics are sometimes called shousou 小相 (small features) and the 32 characteristics, daisou 大相 (large features). One example of the hachijisshugou is the Buddha's eyebrows which are like the new moon, and bright blue in colour, (no.3.as listed in the DAICHIDORON).


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