gokenmon 五間門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates
A five-bay gate. A five-bay, three-opening gate is called *goken-sanko 五間三戸. Judging from excavations at the Fujiwara 藤原 and Heijou 平城 palace sites, in Nara, a gokenmon typically functioned as a middle gate *chuumon 中門. There are a variety of extant examples: Toudaiji Chuumon 東大寺中門 (1717) in Nara, is a high gate *Roumon 楼門; Toufukuji *Sanmon 東福寺三門 (1428) in Kyoto, is a two-storied Zen style gate with five bays, and three entrances; and the *Joumeimon 承明門 at Kyoto Gosho 京都御所 is a single storied five-bay wide gate constructed in 1855.

Toudaiji Chuumon 東大寺中門 (Nara)

Nanzenji Sanmon 南禅寺三門 (Kyoto)


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