gogyouseki 五行石
KEY WORD : architecture / gardens
Lit. five elements of stones. A name for the five types of functional and decorative stones *yaku-ishi 役石 popular in the Edo period as listed in ISHIGUMI SONOU YAEGAKIDEN 石組園生八重垣伝. The reishouseki 霊象石 used for the shugoseki 主護石, is most important. The taidouseki 体胴石 used for the *soe-ishi 添石, is at the center. The shintaiseki 心体石 is a flat stone also called the ichijuu issan 一重一山. The shigyouseki 枝形石 is an L-shaped stone. The kikyakuseki 寄脚石 is shaped like a reclining bull. The various arrangements of these stones are called gogyouseki-no-kumikata 五行石の組み方.


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