Gen Shiryou 厳子陵
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Ch: Yan Ziling. A scholar-recluse of the later Han period, who was a childhood friend of Emperor Guangwu (Jp: Koubu 光武, AD 4-57). When Emperor Guangwu ascended the throne, he invited Yan to court. Yan refused, preferring a quiet life of fishing. A variant of the story claims that Yan did serve briefly at court, only to quickly return to his life of solitude. The theme, which underscores the virtue of reclusion over participation in corrupt politics, is similar to the story of Taigongwang (Jp: *Taikoubou 太公望). Yan Ziling is sometimes depicted meeting Guangwu at court, but more typically is shown fishing from a riverbank. Notable Japanese paintings include screens by Kanou Eitoku 狩野永徳 (1543-90; Tenzuiji 天瑞寺), Kaihou Yuushou 海北友松 (1533-1615; Myoushinji 妙心寺, Kyoto), and Kanou Sanraku 狩野山楽 (1559-1635; Myoushinji) and Kanou Sansetsu 狩野山雪 (1589?- 1651; Kenninji 建仁寺, Kyoto).


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