KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Lit. Deep Probes into the Skill of Paintings. A mid-18c six-volume history of the *Kanouha 狩野派 by Oooka Shunboku 大岡春卜 (1680-1765). Dated 1740 in the forward, GAKOU SENRAN provided a compendium of Kanou techniques, subjects, paintings and artists, all compiled by a Kanou disciple. The first volume charts the lineage of the Kanou school and discusses famous paintings of sceens in and around Kyoto *rakuchuu rakugai-zu 洛中洛外図; the second volume involves deals with painting figures and includes a copy of a scroll of horses and cranes by Kanou Tan'yuu 狩野探幽 (1602-74); the third volume presents copies of Tan'yuu's landscapes and bird-and-flower paintings; the fourth volume includes copies of Tan'yuu's Japanese and Chinese figure paintings; the fifth volume features Japanese and Chinese patterns as well as notes in authenticity and seals of old artists; the sixth volume discusses the lineage of modern painters including their seals. GAKOU SENRAN is published in Sakazaki Tan 坂崎坦, ed. NIHON GARON TAIKAN 日本画論大観 2, 43-64.


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