Fujiwara jidai 藤原時代
KEY WORD : art history / general terms
Fujiwara period. A period of approximately two hundred years corresponding to the Middle Heian period (Heian chuuki 平安中期; 894-1086). So called because the prosperous Fujiwara clan dominated the political life of the period. During this period, the lack of foreign influence brought about a flowering of native Japanese culture *kokufuu bunka 国風文化 (894) is the year of the last embassy to Tang China, kentoushi 遣唐使, and 1086 marks the first year of cloistered rule, Insei 院政 by the ex-emperor Shirakawa, Shirakawa joukou 白河上皇. Especially in art history, the term Fujiwara jidai is sometimes used to describe the entire period from 894 until the end of the Heian period (1185), in which case it is also called Late Heian period (Heian kouki 平安後期).


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