douzou 銅造
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Bronze work. Bronze casting has been very important in Japan since ancient times, and was used for Yayoi period doutaku 銅鐸 (ritual bell-shaped objects), swords and spears. Bronze has been one of the primary media for Buddhist statues, second only to statues in wood. Various casting techniques were used, for example the lost-wax technique *rougata 蝋型, stone mould casting *ishigata 石型, and repousse *oshidashibutsu 押出仏. Bronze work flourished in Japan before the Nara period, and then saw a revival in the Kamakura period. The term douzou written with the characters 銅像 also means bronze statue, but this term is most commonly used to refer to western style bronze statuary made in Japan during and after the Meiji period.


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