KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Also kindei 金泥 and gindei 銀泥.

1 Gold or silver foil ground to a fine powder to which a sizing of glue and water is added to form a paste which can then be used for painting, calligraphy or printing. It can also be applied to sculpture or lacquerware. Pictorial depictions on various media with this gold or silver mixture are called kingin-e 金銀絵 or *kingindei-e 金銀泥絵. Other metals may be added to give the paint a faintly reddish or bluish tinge.

2 Dei may also, according to some sources, refer to the technique of sprinkling finely ground gold and silver powder or dust selectively on a painting for pictorial or decorative effect. Silver powder of this nature is preserved among ancient medicines at the *Shousouin 正倉院 in Nara. Clouds or mist portrayed by the paint or powder method are called deibiki 泥引.


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