chiriotoshi 塵落
KEY WORD : architecture / castles
Also termed fujounagashi 不浄流. A garbage drop. An area for discarding garbage and human and animal excrement from inside a castle which is under siege. It is built into an angled section of the castle wall so that it could not be spotted from the outside. During normal times garbage was removed from the chiriotoshi through what was termed the *chiritori 塵取, a garbage passageway. Chiriotoshi steps lead down to the water level and a boat dock. In this way the cleanliness of the moat was maintained. Because the chiriotoshi and chiritori were hidden openings in the earthen embankment or stone wall, one could arrive and depart from the castle without being seen. Thus they were used by ninja 忍者 and spies to sneak into and out of the castle when the need arose. Chiriotoshi were constructed in the walls surrounding central compound *honmaru 本丸, not the outside walls.


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