bokashi ぼかし
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Various blockcarving and printing techniques used to create gradated tones (shading) on woodblock prints, particularly 19c *ukiyo-e 浮世絵 landscape prints. Basically, there are two techniques. For modulation within a single color area, such as the blue for the depiction of a sky, the woodblock is wiped with a moist rag to waterdown the pigment as it is applied to the block, *fukibokashi 拭きぼかし. The wiping pattern depends on the shape of the final shaded area: either "shading in horizontal bands," *ichimonji bokashi 一文字ぼかし, or "indeterminate shading," *atenashi bokashi 当てなしぼかし. The second technique involved the preparation of another printing woodblock just for the areas of darker or lighter hue and so was called "shading using a woodblock", *itabokashi 板ぼかし.


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