banbei 蕃塀
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
Also pronounced hanbei. A single, free-standing, short timber fence placed as a guard in front of the north, east, south, and west entrances to the sacred precincts at both the Naikuu 内宮 and Gekuu 外宮 at Ise Jinguu 伊勢神宮. At both the Naikuu and Gekuu, between the main gates of the fence uchitamagaki 内玉垣, and the innermost fence *mizugaki 瑞垣, is another similar wooden fence called bangakigomon 蕃垣御門. At Naikuu, there is also a fence which extends at right angle from the innermost fence and then turns and runs parallel to the uchitamagaki and is attached to both sides of the uchitamagaki south gate uchitamagaki minami gomon 内玉垣南御門.

Ise Jinguu Gekuu Minamigomon 伊勢神宮外宮南御門 (Mie)


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