akkon 圧痕
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Evidence left on load bearing members by beams *hari 梁; *keta 桁 ; struts *tsuka 束 ; rafters *taruki 垂木 ; etc. which indicates that these members had been used in previous buildings for other purposes. For example, the reuse of undamaged structural components included reversing rafters so that the weathered outer ends were on the inside and the protected inner ends were exposed to the elements. Thus, the life of the rafters was doubled. In the sutra repository Kyouzou 経蔵 of Toushoudaiji 唐招提寺 in Nara, a circular pillar *hashira 柱, was found to have been converted to a floor strut *yukazuka 床束, and on the long beam of a sill *hashiraban 柱盤, there was once a round mortise *hozoana ほぞ穴, and traces indicating a strut had been attached.


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